Scores and recordings:

* * * (meditative duet-improvisation for flute and piano)-1994.
* * *  - 9:19 
flute - Achiko Demetrashvili, piano - Tamuna Jvania.   was performed in Georgia and in Armenia in 2002.
* * * (for voice and guitar) \Vocal work for artist from drama theatre\ -1994. piano-Olga Koucherina; piano-Olga Koucherina;
* * *  - 4:10 
Vocal - Tiniko Janelidze, guitar - Giorgi Kakabadze. Recorded in Georgia,was performed in Georgia in 2001.
PANORAMA (for piano)-1996;.
PANORAMA  - 5:30

Recorded by Nino Jvania

APOCALYPSES (for symphonic orchestra) -1997.
Recorded by public Radio/TV's symphonic orchestra of Georgia in 1997.

Conductor - Gogi Chichinadze

DANCE OF SALOMEA (for clarinet, piano, vargan and daira)-1999; [first edition].

DANCE OF SALOMEA (for clarinet, marimba, daira, vargan and string orchestra)-1999; [second edition].

DANCE OF SALOMEA   -   4:32   
clarinet - Shota Gogodze, piano - Nino Jvania, Vargan - Eka Chabashvili, daira - Nika Memanishvili.

Recorded in Georgia in 2000

Seven Wonders of World (cycle of novellas for ensembles of different structure) -2000-2002;

All cycle was performed in Georgia in 2003  Locatoin


1.Pyramid (for clarinet, piano, voice,  violin, cello and percussion) was performed in Georgia in 2000.

Pyramid -  7:37


2.The Collossus of Rhodes (2 piano) was performed in Georgia in 2001;        

The Collossus of Rhodes - 15:51    


3.The Hanging Gardens of Babylon (for clarinet, bassoon, trumpet in-B, harp, marimba and djambe) was performed in Ukraine in 2003.  

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon -  9:06


4. The Pharos of Alexandria (for alto-saxophone/or/trompone, piatti, violin and cello).

 The Pharos of Alexandria -  4:18


5.Temple of Diana (for alto-flute, bassoon, tuba, percussion,cello and speaker). 

Temple of Diana -   9:59


6. The Tomb of Mausolus (For voice and guitar) was performed in Georgia in 2001.              

The Tomb of Mausolus -  5:34


7. The Statue of Zeus at Olympia             

The Statue of Zeus at Olympia  -  14:42


All cycle was performed in Georgia in 2003.

conducter: Lasha Kvetenadze



POLYPHONIC VERSES (for 4 artists from drama theatre)-2001. was performed in Georgia in 2002;


1.  Plelude 

Plelude -  1:25 


2. .Chorale

Chorale  -  2:44


3. Passacaglia 

Passacaglia  -  2:19


4. Fugue

Fugue  -  2:38
Speakers: Nino Azmaiparashvili, Lela Telia, Nino Maisuradze, Eka Chabashvili

Fresco (for piano, klarinet, flute, marimba, tam-tam, violino, violonceli) 2001. was performed in Germany and Holland in 2001. 


fresco - 1     Mother of God

fresco - 2     Christ and Joan Baptist

fresco - 3     St. George and St. Teudore

fresco - 4     Crossing


Frescos  -  9:55

flute-Izabel Taurel; clarinet-Tomomi Oshima; violin-Eugen Popov; cello-Nora Krahl; piano-Olga Koucherina; percussia-Oliver Schmidt. 

Recorded in Germany in 2001


Idea of God - Spheres (multimedia for cello, flute, piano, electr. music, video-art and   performance)-2003.  

1.    Atmosphere   

Atmosphere  -  5:37 (electronics part)

2.      Biosphere

3.      Litosphere 

Litosphere (video score)

4.    Noosphere    

Noosphere -  7:45

was performed in Georgia, Armenia and France in 2002-2006

Kopala (accapella) text of M. Amirejiby. 2003.
Kopala  -  2:37 (version for wind instruments)
oboe - Matthias Arter. was performed in Switzerland in 2003

KOPALA XXI for instrumental theatre (Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Piano). 2004.


Flute-M. Khakimova,Clarinet A.Bushkin, oboe-L. Mghebrishvili, piano-Nino Maisuradze; was performed in Georgia in 2015

WINTER IN MOUNTAINS (for piano, speaker and Photo-slide) \after the picture with same name by Elene Akhvlediani\ -1999;


piano-Nino Maisuradze, speaker-Nino Azmaiparashvili

WANDERING WISHES Opera /Exhibition based on the stories of Franc Kafka. 2002-2010

Metamorphoses (for oboe, accordion and dancer) the part from the opera /exhibition, was performed in Switzerland in 2002

Metamorphoses - 8:31

oboe-Matthias Arter, accordion-Felix Bamert

Galobani sinanulisani (microoratorio for organ) /based on the work Galobani sinanulisani of Georgian King Davit Agmashehebeli/. 2003

Galobani sinanulisani - 17:07

Pieter van Dijk & Frank van Wijk organists of Alkmaar Grote St. Laureskerk.
was performed in Germany in 2003
Dipsamania Theatralical passage for Harp by novella of Nino Iashvili 2005.
Dipsamania - 11:30

Nino Iashvili

was performed in Georgia in 2005

Concert for Saxophone (for Saxophone, non standard orchestra, chorus and concrete music) -  1992;

Concert for Saxophone  - 15:16

Studio recording on computer in 1993

RADIANCE Meditative ballet (for two orchestra, chorus and record player)-1995;
Dance from I act - Controversy
Dance from II act - Chaos
Dance from III act - Shade's dance
Act I - 42:25
Act II & III - 37:13

Studio recording on computer in 1995


The Sound and the Fury novel for Piano, Light, Cinema, Smell and  Hologramm Theatre by W. Faulkner 2005. Part II

The Sound and the Fury  - 1:45:50

piano-Nino Jvania

speaker-Eka Chabashvili

On the Way micro ballet for fingers (Cello, piano-speaker, video-cameraman, dancers)-2006.

Cosmos of Music aleatoric improvisation (for musical instruments. -2006.

Spiral of Wisdom aleatoric improvisation (for musical instruments, lights, dancers)-2006.

SONATA (for violin and piano)-1993

PORTRAITS for string quartet-2007

PROVERBS for chamber orchestra 2005
conductor-Eka Chabashvili

Opera studio orchestra of Tbilisi conservatoire


Instrumental Theatres:
GALLERY (audiophonic story) - 1993.

666 act I, act II-III  (musical performance for Absurd Theatre) - 1995

MEETING theatre of nine instruments.-1999

WAXEN TEARS (musical performance for instrumental Theatre-[piano, violin, guitar,  national instruments of the different peoples, artist from drama theatre and, artist from pantomime theatre])-2000; was performed on opening of experimental instrumental theatre SENSUS in Georgia in 22.12. 2000.

Voice of the Preacher in Desert  (musical performance for instrumental Theatre) 2002. was performed in Georgia in 2003

POET (accapela for mixed chorus)-1996.
POET - 06:50
Conductor -Shio Abrakhamia
Georgian state Choir
Church Song for Mother of God (a cappella for mixed chorus) 2005.
Church Song for Mother of God- 03:00
Conductor -Lasha Kvetenadze

Church Song IVERIIS GVTISMSHOBELS (a cappella for mixed chorus) 2006.

STORMS A WIND (for voice, chorus of children and piano)-1999.
Conductor - Lasha Kvetenadze

Dideba  (accapela for mixed chorus)-2005.

CHORALE  (accapela for mixed chorus)-2006. (location)

CHORALE - 06:23
was performed in Leipzig-Germany in 2008.

MDR Rundfunkchores, Conductor - Robert Blank

DIFFUSION for georgian folk instruments (Salamury, Duduki, Doly, Panduri-Chonguri, Chianury)-2006

Day and Night (two dances for percussion, violin and voice) 2002

ECHO (for clavicembalo and 1or 3 trombone with acoustic effect)-1999

PRISM  for ensemble (piano, violin, clarinet, saz, percussion, speaker, video and el. sound)-2007. (instroduction)

A Sacrifice for ensemble (driving spaces) - 2007

A Sacrifice  - 06:56

Kathryn Woodard (piano), Serkan Ozel (baglama), Nicole Cherry (violin), Anne Carney (clarinet), Brian Vogel (percussion).was performed in Texas on Caucasian Sketches Concert, November 29, 2007
Three Body Types into the Universe Symphony Trilogy 
for symphonic orchestra (Atomic music) -2007-2010
I Symphony  COSMOS


Conductor - Giorgi  Apriamashvili

Georgian State Orchestra 

II Symphony  INI&IANI (4 phases)
Phase I Psyche
Phase II Secret of Reunion
Phase III Iani-death, 
III Symphony  UKUNITY UKUNISAMDE (3 phases+coda)
Phase I - day I    day II   day III  


Drougth Multimedia 2010

 ALPHABEY for Toy Paino 2011


Beer Cantata (for soprano, tenor, bass, piano, harpsichord and chamber orchestra) - 2011

Requiem (for 18 voice/choir and chamber orchestra) - 2012

Cleft in the Sky (for viola and piano) - 2013

Bio-rhythm (Multimedia for piano, video instalation, poetry and plastic) - 2014. Dedicated to K. Stockhausen

Bio-rhythm (video instalation)

Simad amajgere (for 2 flutes, trumpet and vibraphone, used recording with chord of N. Mamisashvili and qoutations from his verses) - 2014

dedicated to Nodar Mamisashvili

Dance of hieroglyphs (Multimedia for Solo Viola, Flute, Clarinet in B, Harp, Celesta, Clavichord, Vibraphone, Tam-Tam and video instalation) - 2015

Dance of hieroglyphs-7:46

Contemporary Music Ensemble of Tbilisi State Conservatoire, Manager -N. Jvania, Conductor M. Khukhunaishvili, 
Viola - M Chikvaidze, Clarinet- D.Jishkariani, Flute - S. Chikvaidze, Celesta - T. Alania, Clavichord - N. Maisuradze, Vibraphone, Tam-tam - B. Kiknadze, Video-E.Chabashvili

War and Peace (Instrumental theatre for piano duet) - 2015

War and Peace -23:58

Tamar and Nino Jvania

Somnus (for 9 violin, 3 Viola, 2 cello, double bass and drum-set) - 2015

Never (for Guitar) - 1999

Amen of Apocalypses (Duet for two piano, percussion, organ and video instalation) - 2016. Dedicated to O. Messiaen

Time and Space (for violin and piano) - 2015

BLUE MOUNTIANS - 3 sisters (for piano and symphony orchestra) - 2015

The seconds (for 3 violins and flute) - 2016