According to Eka Chabashvili (CV), The Georgian Composers Live at the Cross of Space and Time and really,
her creation is full of European and non-European cultural musical traditions.
E. Chabashvili One of the most important and interesting representatives of Georgian composition school of 90s.
Her music is performed in different countries. She researches in the field of musical genetics and micro acoustics.

She is also the author of the new Multi-topophonic Composition Technique and atomic-nuclear musical system.

She was invited for holding Author Talk in NYU, Harvard and Tufts university.

E. Chabashvili's main compositions are: piano piece Panorama was performed on the Orleans International Pianists
competition of XX century music by Nino Jvania who became laureate of competition, ballets "Radiance" and "Dancing with Death",
opera/exhibition "Wandering Wishes" after Kafka's novellas, musical novel "The Sound and the Fury" for holographic theatre,
"Polyphonic Verses" was played on the ICE FEST 2004 (USA), "Frescos" was performed in Seattle on the Festival Icebreaker: III The Caucasus:

"Chorale" for choir (awarded with MDR-Rundfunkchores Leipzig prize in Germany), "Galobani sinanulisani" microotatoria

for organ was performed on the Hagenbeer-Schnitger organ in the Grote Sint Laurens church in Alkmaar in 2006

by organists Pieter van Dijk and Frank van Wijk, plays for orchestra "Proverbs", "Somnus", "Apocalypse", symphonic trilogy "Bodies",

"Mosaic", musical novellas "Seven Wonders of World", multimedia "Idea of God - Spheres" was performed in France Perigueux, etc.
Uses the new techniques of XX century professional academic music, such as random structure, sonorous, and parts of polystylistic
forms. She pays attention not how to develop the musical materials in time, but to its improvisational-variation development in space.
Therefore was invited in in Ecole Britten and Higher Institution of Music in Perigueux (France) for giving lecrutes about
improvisation in music and dance. In her works you come across the meditative dramaturgy and static types of composition.
She develops the musical materials inside of different psycho-times. Her music's rich colour sounding palette very often evokes visual
associations, as a result of the connection between her musical thinking and visual sources.
That's why, Eka often speaks about her wish to paint music and, vice versa, to make a painting heard in music.
Karlhainz Stockhausen describs her creation like this:
"In her works she creates timbre-theatrical pieces, compositions.
Often, coming from the verbal music she creates rhythmic-melodic
intonation compositions of oratory-artistic nature. The composition
technique of Eka is quite unique and interesting Her music is intuitively
and her scores are based on the principle- repeat and vary."
Marika Nadareishvili
PH.D. Musicology,
Tbilisi State Conservatoire